Couple Face Off : Atif-Sara and Mehreen-Ahmed at LSA 2013

Oddly enough, both the newly wed couples were snapped in very similar looks at the LSA 2013 ; her in an elegantly draped cream sari and long side swept hair, him playing the dapper hubby in a black suit, matching tie and white shirt. Wait for it. The fashion face-off didn’t stop there. The Hubbies decided to keep their stubbles for the night while their lady loves went for dangly earrings and similar sandals to finish their perfect Bahu-Look. Strange, no?

Congratulating Mehreen on her well-deserved win for the Best Female Model. She was wearing a white chikankari sari by Mehdi & a matching Bottega Veneta Clutch.

Mehreen Syed with Ahmed Sheikh and Atif with Sara Bharwana at LSA 2013

So tell us , prefer a straight faced Atif-Sara Bharwana or a cheery Mehreen Syed-Ahmed Sheikh? Is it just us who are not aware of this wardrobe staple but what is that weird horizantal black strip around Atif’s chest? :/

Mehreen Syed with husband Ahmed Sheikh at LSA 2013

Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana at LSA 2013

Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana at LSA 2013

Mehreen Syed at LSA 2013

Images Courtesy: Niche Lifestyle, Catalyst PR